Dallas-style Agrippina at Opera Vlaanderen

Tim returned to the Opera Vlaanderen in Antwerp this month to sing the role of Ottone in Handel's Agrippina. The production, by Mariame Clement, is set in the style of a 1980's US soap opera in which the awful characters plot and scheme against each other in the pursuit of power and their selfish goals. Against this, the honest Ottone stands apart. Characterised here as a man of nature, whose only ambitions are love and happiness. He is often seen retreating to the woodlands, away from the trappings of wealth and power, to find his peace.

In 2015 Tim enjoyed huge success at Opera Vlaanderen with his performance of the title role in Philip Glass Akhnaten and his return to the house has been greeted with similar acclaim:

“this revival enjoys an exceptional Ottone in the person of Tim Mead: a classy, enchanting tone and line, an invested stage presence, the English counter-tenor has it all.”

“Tim Mead is a pleasant surprise. The countertenor has the look, even a certain sex appeal… he invests the character with an increase of ardour and intense lyricism that grips the audience ("Voi che udite", the only aria to be followed by applause) before deploying his skills in delicacy ("Tacerò") and the most caressing inflections ("Vaghe fonti", "Pur ch'io ti stringo”).”
Forum Opera

“the svelte Ottone of British counter-tenor Tim Mead, whose magnificent timbre, secure projection and impeccable style are ideally suited to the world of Handel.” 
Classique News

“Ottone was played by the countertenor Tim Mead, who performed with ease and spontaneity and featured a natural Italian pronunciation. His voice was one of the highlights of the performance.”

“[Mead] makes an impression in the sensitive arias, such as the second act lament”
De Morgen

“Only countertenor Tim Mead, as Poppea's lover Ottone, is sincere (hence his jeans and lumberjack shirt), and he shines in some sensitive arias.”

“Tim Mead is a remarkably good Ottone with a large, radiant voice”
il grand inquisitor